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Team Meetings and Training

The First Resonders Team meet monthly for training sessions. This is usually on the first Monday of each month at the Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team head quarters. Starting at 7.30pm

Training dates for 2012 are

January                        TUESDAY    3rd January 2012
February                      MONDAY      6th February 2012
March                          MONDAY      5th March 2012
April                            MONDAY      2nd April 2012
May                             TUESDAY     8th May 2012
June                            MONDAY      11th June 2012 (bank holiday)
July                             MONDAY      2nd July 2012
August                         MONDAY      6th August 2012
September                   MONDAY      3rd September 2012
October                       MONDAY      1st October 2012
November                   MONDAY       5th November 2012                     
December                   MONDAY      3rd December 2012



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